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VISA to Malaysia

Visa & Logistic Fees

Visa Fee:

Visa Category Nationality Visa Fee in INR
Visa Without Reference (VTR) Indian 3000/-
Chinese 2550/-
Others 2400/-
Multiple Entry Visa Application
1. Fly & Cruise
2. Wedding Tourism
3. Medical Visitors
4. Business Visitors
Indian 3000/-
Chinese 2550/-
Others 2400/-

The Malaysia Visa Application Center will charge INR 2720/- (Inclusive of Goods and Service Tax -SGST @9% and CGST @9%) in addition to the visa fee for all applications submitted in India.

The VISA FEES and MALAYSIA VISA APPLICATION CENTER charges can be paid in Cash, by Indian Debit/Credit Card, or by UPI (Including Goods and Services Tax -SGST @9% and CGST @9%).